13 Marvel Series Coming To Disney+

Disney recently announced several more Marvel series set for Disney+ that will take place in Phase Four of the MCU. This brings the total series count to 13 at the time of this writing. Much like we did for the announced Star Wars series, we will give the news and our speculation on each title.

Armor Wars

Speculation: This is based on a comics storyline from the 1980s where that exact thing happened, Tony’s tech fell in the wrong hands. Obviously with Tony dead in the MCU, Rhodey, aka War Machine, is the logical replacement for the central character.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

We knew this one was coming for a while, but here is a full-blown trailer. The series is set to start in March.

Speculation: It’s been all but confirmed that part of the plot will involve John Walker trying to take Cap’s place. Whether he adopts the Cap name or simply goes by US Agent remains to be seen.

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Speculation: This one may be a stretch since it is listed as a “special” and not a series. But if Gunn is writing and directing, it should fit right in with the GotG goodness we’ve gotten so far.


Speculation: This is another one we knew was coming for a while. The confirmation of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop solidifies that Marvel has been looking for A-Listers to round out the cast of their new characters.

I Am Groot

Speculation: These are being classified as “shorts”. Could these be done in the style of Loony Toons or classic Disney cartoon shorts? Or will they be ongoing connected chapters? Either case could be interesting.


Speculation: Riri Williams was mentored by Tony himself in the comics. With Tony gone, it will be interesting to see how she becomes an armor tech expert in the MCU. Perhaps Rhodey is her mentor?


Speculation: Like Falcon and the Winter Soldier, this was one of the first titles announced when Disney+ launched. That said, it’s good to finally get an actual trailer. It does confirm the theory that this Loki is freshly escaped from Avengers: Endgame so he’s still the evil Loki that we loved to hate in the MCU. Could this tie back into the main MCU continuity by having Loki eventually become the anti-hero we saw in later Thor movies? Time will tell.

Moon Knight

Credit: Marvel/Disney

Very little is known about this series and there is no cast announced yet.

Speculation: Moon Knight has sometimes been called “Marvel’s Batman”. Several names have been floated around for the title character, including Daniel Radcliffe and Oscar Isaac. If Isaac gets the nod, he will join the list of actors with multiple Marve roles under his belt as he played Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Ms. Marvel

Speculation: Marvel has been making Kamala an A-Lister in the comics so it makes sense that they’d do likewise for the MCU. It has been confirmed that Vellani will also appear as Kamala in Captain Marvel 2.

Secret Invasion

Speculation: A Nick Fury series had been rumored for a while. Some rumors even stated that it would be an animated anthology series. Doing Secret Invasion with Fury front and center should be a real treat. But will Skrulls still be the villains like they are in the comics?


Speculation: It’s nice to get confirmation that Ruffalo will be returning as Banner, since Walter’s origin ties directly to him in the comics. Getting Tim Roth back as Abomination is a welcome surprise since The Incredible Hulk film has been largely ignored since the MCU took off.


Speculation: The trailer definitely looks “out there”. Doing such a weird concept of a series is risky. How is Vision alive anyway? Could this be the work of Mojo?

What If…?

Speculation: What If…? is a fan-favorite comic title that has seen several volumes printed over the years. The animation looks top notch and having the actual MCU actors voice the roles is an amazing treat. It will be interesting to see how many episodes are produced and what variations on the MCU will be shown. This series will also be notable for having Chadwick Boseman’s final work as Black Panther.